Colnago C60

It is handmade with great care, in Italy. The same care that distinguishes us from forever. The frame is made of carbon fiber with joints and pipes in a star shape, design element tested and consolidated over the years, starting from the Master. The pipe sections are increased in volume, with thinner walls. The same thing concerns the conjunctions. They are larger and stiffer, made with the same grain present on the pipes. Summarizing: greater rigidity and resistance to bending. The rear dropouts have been completely redesigned to reduce weight and achieve greater lateral stiffness. Wide availability of sizes: nine sloping and five horizontal, plus the measure.


From the book “Colnago – The Bicycle”.
Foreword by Candido Reedy.
In charge of the daily newspaper “La Gazzetta dello Sport” 1983-2002.

I imagine him, almost see it, the small Ernesto in those agonizing forties, with the acrid smell of the air war. He Cambiago, in rural Lombardy, I in Sicily where my house had a garden near the sea and in the center there was a big old olive tree patient. We belong to the same age, I could be his big brother. He ate slices of polenta, we in certain of war evenings we went to bed after having dinner with a salad of lemons. He often ran away from his grandfather where perhaps he could taste a slice of meat. I, my three sisters and two brothers were expecting on Saturday when perhaps at the table came a heroic chicken. This life twinning makes my eyes even more compelling human story, entrepreneurial, adventurous, brilliant Ernesto Colnago. And now that I know where it came, what technology has built treasures, which markets conquered, what prestige brought to Italy; now that I see him proud, excited, modest, with its beautiful knight of the work signs, you know what I think?

To the distant days of his departure, in a poor house and full of dignity, when he in the North and to the South I went to buy bread with ration cards, hoping that maybe we ran away a small slice more to devour the street.

Ernesto was eleven years old when his father sent him to the shop. day job, to learn, school in the evening until the seventh grade. Italy was still in tragedy, but the hands of the boy to the future spells. To the family that training costs a few pounds of flour, but learn the trade is the heritage that the little Colnago carries. And at thirteen she arrives in Milan, has a real job, a qualification help welder in company with his name seems to announce the fate Glory. Welding, assembly, bicycle as a temptation and a metaphor for life, the races, the incident, the stop, the great intuition: it alone. The father helps him, the adventure part and Cambiago becomes the capital of a romantic fairy tale.