Legend By Marco Bertoletti

The story begins in 1989. In these years have been designed and developed chassis for top range bikes for some of the most important cycling brands, always following our highest quality ethics using the best possible materials. In 2009 the decision to create the new “Legend by Bertoletti” mark where it was stored all our experience, passion and new ideas to create frames and bicycles among the best in the world.

With great pleasure we are to offer our range of bikes, built with the absolute best raw materials: titanium, carbon, aluminum, steel and stainless steel, a range that will satisfy even the most demanding customers. All frames are produced in our factory by skilled craftsmen, custom and finished by hand, one by one.





LEGEND customization is much more than the measure chosen table or color.

It is in fact evaluating the cyclist taking those measures, assess the type, select the frame that suits your needs. To determine the design of this and find the right compromise between performance requirements and their implementation, you must consider the athlete as a whole, the reasons that led him to use the product, the frequency of use.

For the design, construction and painting of LEGEND frames it takes about 40-50 days.



Using the latest and most advanced technologies continue to seek technical innovations to be applied to our new products. Your customized frame is made with the utmost precision, regardless of the material used and thanks to a workshop equipped with the best equipment available on the market. Each piece needs to dozens of hours of work to create the frame of your dreams, compact or traditional, or comfortable performing in the race, the important thing is that it is perfectly suited to your physical and athletic requirements to give you the performance you’ve always dreamed of .

Every aspect of our products are designed by LEGEND with the utmost care and attention to meet the highest standards, each new product is subjected to stress tests and crash tests.