If there’s one word that can be used to describe the history of Mavic, it’s diverse. The company can be traced back to 1889, to a Nickel-plating business from which two employees – Charles Idoux and Lucien Chanel – ventured into the “manufacture and sale of spare parts for bicycles.” Soon after, “Manufacture d’Articles Vélocipédiques Idoux et Chanel” was born – MAVIC, for short.

In 1934, Mavic broke through into the world of wheels with rims made of the alloy Duralumin. Although Duralumin was most commonly associated with Zeppelin construction, Mavic were the first to recognise its potential for bicycle components, and that year they tested the Duralumin wheels at the Tour de France. The 500g saving over traditional wooden rims at the time proved decisive, and Antonin Magne dominated the Tour.

Mavic continued to innovate throughout the 20th century, introducing the Module E clincher wheel in 1975, the Comete carbon fibre disc in 1985, and even a short lived escapade into Ultra Light Motorized planes in 1984.

Moving into the 90s, Mavic were the wheel of choice for Tour de France champion Greg Lemond, and Olympic champion and Hour Record holder Chris Boardman. They introduced the first electronic and wireless groupsets with the Zap and Mektronic, the first tubeless systems in collaboration with Michelin and Hutchinson, and the super light Helium wheelset – the first wheels designed specifically for mountainous days.

Mavic continue to be at the leading edge of wheel and tyre development, and have countless victories associated to their name. In recent years they have diversified into pedals, shoes, helmets and clothing, and bring the same level of expertise to each and every one of their products.

We at Hoops Velo are proud to be a Mavic stockist, and have the utmost confidence in their entire product range.