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Silca Ultimate Tubeless Sealant 8oz

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Revolutionise your cycling with the Ultimate Tubeless Sealant from Silca. This highly efficient, 8oz sealant is renowned for its incredible puncture sealing capabilities. Crafted from superior quality materials, this sealant utilises an innovative formula composed of carbon fibre and durable latex. This combination ensures prolonged sealing efficiency, perfect for both professional competitions, and everyday rides and commutes.

Distinguishing Silca's Ultimate Tubeless Sealant from the competition is the elevated concentration of recycled carbon fibre strands. Suspended within the sealant, these fibre strands prompt a foaming action which effectively seals punctures. The sealant rushes into any puncture wound, bringing the carbon fibre strands with it, thus forming a barrier that splits larger holes into multiple micro holes that the sealant can easily block.

Benefit from Silca's pioneering Fiberfoam technology with this sealant. It guarantees effective sealing of holes and slashes up to 7.5mm at gravel pressures and up to 5mm at higher road pressures. Experience powerful sealing action with the carbon fibre/latex plug formed at the puncture - proven to be twice as robust over time compared to other sealants constituted of mere latex or glitter.

Silca's Ultimate Tubeless Sealant eliminates the common issue of blocked syringes and valve openings that many other sealants suffer from. This is owing to the use of carbon fibre strands that prevent sealant injection through the valve stem. Despite initial installation requiring direct pouring into the tyre cavity, Silca's solution saves you time and money with its innovative replenisher that can be infused through the valve - extending the product's life cycle to a year in most climates. Consequently, you reduce wastage and avoid regular replacement hassles before your next service interval.

While the sealant can be seated with CO2, we recommend bolstering its lifecycle by switching to air as expeditiously as possible. Trust in Silca's Ultimate Tubeless Sealant and keep your ride puncture-free.

Colours White
Sizes 8OZ
Brand Silca
Barcodes 810093160907
SKUs / Part Numbers SIAMAC039ASY0101

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