Winter blues

February 11th, 2017

I’m lying in a puddle with searing pain through my shoulder and my head hurts, I’m not sure which element of pain worries me more. I’ve gathered my thoughts and pulled myself off the ground, I retrieve the bike from the road, the pain in my head begins to subside but my shoulder is painful, really painful. I can clench my hand so nothing is broken and I say to myself what the hell just happened?

A few seconds earlier I had ridden over to the side of the road with seemingly the least amount of standing water, but midway through this shallower side, I discovered too late that part of the asphalt was missing. My front wheel had disappeared into what only can be described as a foot deep abyss and the bike I had been riding instantly ‘jack-knifed’ catapulting me at speed into the air and onto my shoulder and head. Inspecting my Bontrager Velocis helmet I could see that it had severely impacted with the ground and despite its replacement cost I’m incredibly grateful that it did its job.

In case you were wondering the bike was completely intact and without a mark, a beautiful Whyte 29c mountain bike that weighs little more than my Winter road bike. I hardly ever ride Mountain these days but needed a change after what had been an inconsistent Winter of riding and this late January spin was designed to reignite my passion. I hadn’t even made it to the first set of trails before my accident. Bicycle riding has been a part of my life to such an extent it’s more a way of life. This season, however, motivation wasn’t that forthcoming, It’s been a lot colder than the last few years and the few weeks I took off training in late October was disruptive, to say the least. My BMI inched upwards and upwards and I have been convincing myself that my calorie deficit plan would start the next day and the next…

As with most non sadist’s I shall cherish any available warm and sunny day that appears on the horizon over the coming months and steer clear of the cycling equivalent of ‘crack cocaine’ that is Zwift. My bike riding philosophy is principally about enjoyment, although I do like to push myself physically and more frequently since the advent of Strava, it would appear. First stop is L’Eroica California in April but I’ve got to up my mileage considerably between now and then.