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How long have you been with Hoops? Techically i started East St Cycles in June 2004, opened Hoops in October 2013.

What disciplines do you ride? Touring, Commuting, Road and MTB (The old school singletrack way)

How long have you been riding? Riding properly since 1987, not including Raliegh Grifters and the normal stuff that made the 70s cool.   

Biggest achievement/ most memorable ride? I've done a few epics but taking my mums ashes back home by bike to Dundee from home here is my best ride. 

Favourite bike of all time? 1993 Roberts Dogs Bollocks (Own and in the Store)

What is your current ride ? Time Alpe D'Huez 

Go-to cafe order? Latte and a Chocolate Brownie