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Bicycle Touring For Beginners

Bicycle Touring For Beginners

Bicycle Touring For Beginners

Longer days and better weather (in spells!) – now is a great time to ride your bike and explore! In our opinion, cycling is the best way to get out there and see the world: cover ground without the scenery just being a blur in the window, spend some time exploring somewhere new and get fit whilst doing it! Here’s our breakdown of everything we love about touring, plus a few top tips for getting started.



Adventure On Your Doorstep

Bicycle touring doesn’t necessarily mean travelling to faraway lands and living on a shoestring. In fact, the UK has plenty to offer.  

Cycling is in our heritage, which is why we have a huge network of bike routes and paths at our disposal, well away from civilisation! This makes cycling holidays easy, affordable and accessible – from tarmac to bridleways, there’s stunning scenery and varied landscapes up and down the country for you to sink your teeth into. Heck, you don’t even have to plan the rides yourself! With so many useful resources like Cycling UK, finding interesting places to ride is easier than ever thanks to their catalogue of routes and riding inspiration.



While the UK weather has a well-earned reputation for being somewhat temperamental, it’s not as bad as you might expect it to be. As long as you’ve got a good set of waterproofs on board and a pair of mudguards installed, getting to the next spot for shelter should be relatively painless if the heavens open up. Plus, there’s always something satisfying about completing your ride despite the adversity! 


The Freedom To Explore

The beauty of cycling is the freedom – the world is your oyster! Had somewhere to visit on your radar for a while but never had the chance to go there? Why not incorporate multiple destinations into one trip and make an adventure out of it? Whatever your plan, the bike can facilitate it, and you’ll have fun while doing it!



In the car it’s easy, just input a destination and follow the satnav – we can even be guilty of doing this with increasingly intelligent head units on our bikes. However, sometimes it can be nice to disconnect from the tech and soak up the surroundings, embracing the outdoors. Worried about getting lost? There’s plenty of signage dotted around the country, courtesy of the UK National Cycle Network, with their signature blue signs that’ll help you along the way.

If you’re travelling to your starting point by train, bear in mind that restrictions may apply when taking your bike on-board. Generally these are only enforced during peak hours or in busy areas – but do check your specific rail network’s rules to prevent any delays and disappointments!


Good For Your Mind & Body

Touring is fun, adventurous, exciting, and it’s also great for your fitness! Travelling will often take a big chunk out of your valuable holiday time, whether that’s in a car or by train, but doing it on a bike can make it part of the holiday too, and you’ll get fit and healthier whilst you’re at it!



Aside from the fitness benefits, cycling is a great way to escape from the stresses of everyday life, giving your mind a much-needed rest so you can just enjoy your time away. This is an often overlooked part of the sport, and once you get going and see the sights, you’ll know exactly what we mean!


Stop For Snacks

Riding your bike means you’re going to burn some calories, and they need to be replenished! Who doesn’t like an excuse to enjoy some good food? 

If you’re riding to and from towns, it can be nice to revolve your riding around mealtimes – start the day off right with a hearty breakfast, cruise along to the next town for a spot of lunch, and finish at your final destination with a well-deserved dinner! What’s not to like? Spend some time looking around, chat to the locals – from picturesque pubs to tranquil tea rooms, there’s bound to be some gems for you to indulge.



If you’re going to be spending a few hours in the saddle at a time, chances are you’re going to get a bit peckish. Keep yourself topped up by taking some snacks along for the ride so you can go full steam ahead to the next town!


Rest & Relax

Riding for a few days back to back will leave you feeling somewhat fatigued, so don’t neglect your rest and recovery time! Find somewhere comfortable to rest your head and feel fresh for the coming days.



While bicycle touring might seem like a rough and ready activity on first impressions, you can make it as comfortable and relaxed or as wild and adventurous as you like! The rising popularity of long-distance self-sufficient endurance events can make it daunting, but in reality touring on two wheels is whatever you make it. Whether you’re riding 30 or 100 miles a day, ultimately it’s not a race, so take a detour down an interesting looking road or stop at that cosy café and enjoy the moment!


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