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Our Brands

Our Brands

Our Brands

Here at Hoops we hand pick the brands we stock and we hand pick products we believe are best suited to our customers to ensure we keep you rolling, your legs pedaling and always enjoying your time on two wheels. 

Here we wanted to give you an overview of some of the key brands we stock here at Hoops. Hopefully you will love them just as much as we do and find something that catches your eye! 


Known worldwide as one of the premium road cycling kit brands, ASSOS of Switzerland have been making kit for over 40 years and pride themselves on their meticulous attention to even the smallest detail of their cycling apparel. 

Design and research, combined with strict adherence to exacting production standards, result in clothes of such high quality that they’re prized by performance cyclists worldwide. Every ASSOS garment has a warranty registration number that can be used to track the model, color and size of the item. That’s your assurance of quality. ASSOS clothes are cut to hug the body without applying pressure while optimizing muscle compression.  

As ASSOS puts it: “These ASSOS designs provide total freedom of movement, are wrinkle free, more aerodynamic, and enable better performance and breath-ability because they fit perfectly.”

Check out our range from ASSOS 



Founded by Keith Bontrager in his garage in Santa Cruz California in 1980, Bontrager was testing novel ideas and inventive construction methods with painstaking attention to detail and an unwavering commitment to quality.

Bontrager prides itself on making quality, innovative components and thoughtful accessories with a rider-first, no-compromise mentality. Whether you’re looking for a replacement part, upgraded components or a fresh set of wheels, every Bontrager product is built to make your next ride better than your last. 

We have a wide range of Bontrager accessories stocked her at Richmond cycles, from Helmets, to lights to bottle cages.



It all started in 1971: a year when the world was beginning to change rapidly with an exciting new spirit of digital invention, creativity and imagination along with a worldwide drive for new purpose. And yet, cycling was still very traditional, very conventional, conforming to some sort of rulebook: the Cannondale founders believed that there had to be a better way.

Deciding to revolutionise cycling for the better Cannondale set about working on pioneering materials, ergonomics and technology. Using new materials like aluminium and carbon-fibre manufacturing whilst other bike manufacturers stuck with steel, Trek experimented with suspension including single-sided forks, designing incredible frames and products that reinvented racing, creating award-winning bicycles that helped push people further. 

Cannondale’s team’s never-ending drive to ditch the rulebook and make iconic bicycles means that their product line today is world class, as we are excited to be offering an awesome Cannondale range here at Hoops.



Cinelli are known for bicycles that combine emotional, cultural and artistic elegance with optimum technical performance. Cinelli was started out in 1947 by professional rider Cino Cinelli. Cinelli was an innovator and gave modern cycling the first aluminium handlebars, the first saddle with a plastic core, the first pedal straps and the first quick release pedals! 

In 1978, Cino handed over his company young industrialist, a leader in the field of steel tubing, with a love of cycling: Antonio Colombo. Antonio instigated a series of collaborations with artists, making Cinelli the first brand to take a passion for art and integrate this into the world of bicycles. Over the years the company has collaborated with the world’s leading designers and artists!

Check out our Cinelli range at Hoops. 



Frog was founded in 2013 by Jerry and Shelley after not being able to find bikes suitable for their children. Frog A brand specializes in children's bikes, with quality and light components. In six years, Frog has distinguished itself in several disciplines; ranging from distinction in design, innovation, best manufacturer as well as recognition in export thanks to its network of 1,800 stores around the world and to solid partners.

All the Frog bikes have been designed with children at the centre, with them constantly making improvements to frames and components. Every component of a Frog bike has been selected and designed to make learning and riding more enjoyable. Features like adjustable brakes and stem risers help the bike last longer. Bottom bracket cranks, handlebars suitable for children's morphology and brakes within easy reach of little hands.

Check out our Frog range. 



Hailing from Mallabia, Spain, Orbea has been producing road bikes and supporting bike racing for nearly 100 years. It has made race-winning mountain bikes since 1989.

Bianchi is the oldest bike brand (making bikes since 1885), but Orbea has the distinction of being the second oldest bike manufacturer still in existence. In fact, the company itself has existed longer than any other in the bike industry. 

Starting in 1840 Orbea actually started as a company making handguns during the tumultuous Spanish political climate. It wasn't until 1920 that Orbea started making bikes and baby carriages as more people were in need of transportation. So the byisines morphed from guns to bikes! 

Orbea is based in the Basque country, where cycling is huge. You've never been given as much space from a car as you get when riding a bike on a single-lane mountain road!

Hoops Orbea range. 



Specialized is a riders brand through and through. The ethos behind Specialized is that bikes run through their veins. When quality tires weren't around, Specialized strove to make the best. When people wanted to ride cruisers in the dirt, Specialized made the first production mountain bike. When roadies wanted to go faster, specialized doubled-down on carbon and built their own wind tunnel.

Specialized are now riders favourites, and globally recognized as being one of the best and most popular bike manufacturers in the world.

Specialized at Hoops. 



Starting out as ‘Stella Bikes’ with a vision to set up a chain of stores in college towns, Bevil Hogg and Dick Burke soon ran into some problems. None of the good bike brands were available to purchase, so their solution was to create their own brand of bicycles. 

Fast forward to the winter of 1975, Hogg and Burke met over some beers in a Wisonsin supper club The Pine Knoll and engaged in a deep debate over what to call their fledgling bicycle company. Hogg favored Kestrel, after the bird of prey. Burke preferred Trek because it called forth images of travel and adventure. He must have known there was something remarkable about the word, something that held the promise of longevity and freedom and exploration and quality.

After settling on Trek Hogg and Burke went to work in a barn between Madison and Milwaukee, where a total of five employees built the brand’s first bikes out of steel. The company is still based near the barn that facilitated its first years—its modern headquarters are in Waterloo, Wisconsin.

“We’re a uniquely American success story from small-town USA,” said brand manager Eric Bjorling. “So many of the values that have led to Trek’s success—hard work, craftsmanship, responsibility, commitment to our customers—are Wisconsin values.”

Check out our range of Trek bikes 


Looking for a new bike and not sure where to start? Don't hesitate to contact us or come in store and our experienced and passionate staff can help you find the right bike for you! 

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