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Can An E-Bike Change Your Travel Habits?

Can An E-Bike Change Your Travel Habits?

Can An E-Bike Change Your Travel Habits?

The world as we know it is changing rapidly as habits change and we become increasingly aware of the environmental impact that transport emissions cause. E-Bikes are playing a big role in the ever-evolving landscape of transport, giving people an alternative to gas-guzzling cars, planes, buses and trains! An E-Bike is more than just a motor strapped to two wheels, it’s a tool for a job, one that enables you to ride your bike more often. Whether you’re a commuter, parent, young or old, it’ll enable you to complete journeys on two wheels that you wouldn’t have done otherwise.

If you’re yet to be convinced by E-Bikes, we’re here to change your mind! Here are our top reasons why an electric bicycle can change your travel habits.



Changing Behaviour

It’s hard to miss the growing popularity of E-Bikes in recent years, but why is it happening? The way we travel is evolving, with fewer people opting for shorter journeys in the car; partly down to cost, partly down to convenience, and partly down to reducing your carbon footprint. 



Rapidly rising fuel prices, along with all the other costs we associate with car ownership (insurance, MOTs, parking, congestion charge etc.) make affording upkeep increasingly difficult, while busy rush-hour traffic makes short journeys slow and inefficient. With many of us now working from home at least some of the time, there’s no need to drive to the office and make unnecessary short journeys as it simply isn’t economical. 

E-Bikes are a great alternative to their four-wheeled counterparts, allowing you to cover short distances in a short amount of time with relative ease, and without having to sacrifice functionality thanks to the abundance of on-bike storage solutions.


Go Further & Faster

For many aspiring cycling commuters, the distance to the office is often the limiting factor preventing them from taking the plunge. That’s where E-Bikes come in – with power assistance often in excess of 150-200%, the same effort will grant you more miles meaning that you’ll never have to worry about arriving on time again! 



Got to take the kitchen sink with you? No problem. Most commuter-focussed E-Bikes are compatible with rack storage, or already have it installed, so you can load up and go – tackle those daunting hills without breaking a sweat, even when fully loaded! Pedal-assist technology is incredibly smart, reducing or increasing its output when appropriate so it can give you that extra boost when you need it most.

Aside from daily commuting, electric bikes are also fantastic for casual cycling, enabling those with time constraints to explore new roads and towns by providing the ability to go those extra miles. 



If only there was a way to avoid traffic jams and rush hour madness – well, an E-Bike could be the ticket. Despite what you might think, when it comes to navigating to work, cycling across busy towns and cities and running short errands, chances are an electric bike is faster. 



No more sitting around in gridlock traffic, desperately searching for a parking spot and starting your day off stressed – pedal power allows you to hop straight onto the bike lane and bypass the traffic with a smile on your face and get fit while doing it! Ride through the quieter back lanes and make your commute much more pleasant, as the speed boost provided by an E-Bike means you can take the scenic route without any timing troubles.


Green = Good

One thing we can all agree on is that taking care of our planet is extremely important. Here’s a stat for you: 90% of transport emissions are created by road traffic (find out more here!) – if you’re looking for ways to reduce your carbon footprint, substituting the car for an E-Bike is a great place to start. 



With the action being taken by individuals and governments to reduce the impact we have on the environment, these changes are inevitable, so why not get ahead of the curve? Gas hungry cars are slowly but surely becoming less popular, and with the UK government’s plan to cease all petrol and diesel car sales by 2030 (more info here!), switching to pedal power has never been more appealing!


Ready to make the switch? See our range of Urban E-Bikes on our website or head in-store to check them out in the flesh!


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