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Going Further: Endurance Road Bikes

Going Further: Endurance Road Bikes

Going Further: Endurance Road Bikes

Cycling is all about getting out there and exploring the world on two wheels, and endurance bikes are a great choice for those looking to cover distance without compromising comfort. If you’re looking for a road bike with some real-world use rather than road race-focused, opting for an endurance bike with a more relaxed geometry could be the way to go.

With modern road bikes becoming more and more versatile thanks to disc brakes, increased tyre clearances and wide-range gearing options, finding a bike that can do it all is easier than ever. Here are a few of our favourite endurance road bikes – whether you’re new to the sport or a seasoned cyclist, there’s sure to be something here for you!



Trek Domane SL

As the old saying goes: ‘to finish first, first you must finish’. Developed on the cobbles for the Spring Classics, the Domane’s roots are in racing and being comfortable whilst doing so. Trek has seen a lot of success with this bike, recently ridden to victory by Lizzie Deignan at the 2021 edition of Paris Roubaix Femmes – if it’s good enough for her, it’s good enough for us!



What really sets this bike apart is the innovative IsoSpeed decoupling technology. This system isolates both the seat tube and fork, allowing them to vertically flex to absorb bumps in the road without affecting lateral stiffness. Combine this with some bigger tyres and you’ve got a recipe for proper comfort on the bike! 

The Domane is an extremely well-rounded road bike, having seen various tweaks and changes since its release. New aero tube shapes make it perfect for fast rides and racing, whilst increased tyre clearance (up to 38mm!) makes way for chunkier rubber, opening up all kinds of possibilities for all-road and gravel riding.



Trek Domane AL Disc

The Domane AL carries the same philosophy of its carbon cousin and brings it to a more accessible price point, however, it’s unique in its own right rather than simply being a cheap alternative. Comfort is still very much at the core of this bike, utilising the same endurance geometry found on the SL and features a full carbon IsoSpeed fork to soak up any road buzz.



When it comes to do-it-all year-round road bikes, the Domane AL is up there with the best. The lightweight and durable aluminium frame is stiff enough for fast-paced chain gangs, more than comfortable enough for long endurance rides, and thanks to a slew of mounting points for a rack, mudguards and extra bottles, it’s also perfect for touring and bikepacking! 38mm tyre clearance also opens up the possibility of gravel if you’re that way inclined – what can’t this bike do?



Specialized Roubaix

There are no prizes for guessing what this bike was intended for – that’s right, the cobbled classics! Specialized have spent a lot of time researching and developing the Roubaix over the years to make it what it is today, and with 7 Paris Roubaix victories to its name since its release, they seem to be doing something right!



Comfort and compliance are where the Roubaix comes into its own, with their FACT carbon frame featuring Specialized’s FutureShock 2.0 suspension technology at the front end. Designed to take the edge off lumps and bumps, the Roubaix really comes into its own on long, hard rides, reducing accumulated fatigue after long hours in the saddle. Paired with their Pave suspension seatpost and wide tyre clearances, you’ve got a winning combination on your hands. 

Comfort doesn’t have to come at the cost of speed, and Specialized have ensured that no speed is sacrificed with the latest iteration of the Roubaix. Featuring all-new aero tube shapes, the Roubaix performs on par with the Tarmac SL7 in the wind tunnel but with all the benefits of FutureShock 2.0 and their endurance-focused geometry so you can go faster for longer.



Specialized Allez

The Allez has been a mainstay of the Specialized range since the early 80s, representing excellent value and performance all in one package without cutting corners. It offers plenty of versatility with excellent value for money, boasting sleek carbon looks at a fraction of the cost. If you’re looking for a well-rounded road bike that won’t cost you the earth, the Allez is a hot contender.



Lightweight, robust, stiff and comfortable. The aluminium framed Allez has got it all, it’s the perfect year-round road bike. The geometry can be adjusted to suit endurance riding but can be racier if it needs to be – so whilst it might not be a dedicated endurance machine in the traditional sense, Specialized have ensured that this bike can adapt. 



Orbea Avant

Orbea has put a lot of effort into creating a reliable road bike that’s built to go the distance, and this is reflected in the frame design and well-specced components throughout the range. Purpose-built for endurance road riding, the Orbea Avant brings the best of comfort and compliance to a more wallet-friendly price point.



Taking advantage of their years of experience in hydroforming aluminium, Orbea has developed their kinked top tube design to lower the seat tube junction for a more exposed seatpost. This is done in order to improve vibration damping on rough roads – particularly useful here in the UK! Variable thickness tubing is also used to maximise vertical compliance without sacrificing stiffness, making the Avant incredibly well-rounded by offering plenty of performance in speed as well as comfort. 



Fancy checking these endurance bikes out in the flesh? Head down to one of our stores in Petersfield, Walton-on-Thames or Farnham and have a chat with our experts. Bike fitting is also available with the GURU Fitting System at our Farnham store if you want to get measured up!


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