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Why everyone needs an eBike

Why everyone needs an eBike

Why everyone needs an eBike

The popularity of eBikes has increased dramatically over recent years and the potential benefits of e-bikes make it clear why they are the new must have. If you are popping down to the shop or shredding trails, e-bikes exist in a huge variety of styles and configurations so just like true love, there is an e-bike out there for everyone.


Give yourself a boost 

Forget about that morning coffee to get you going, an eBike’s pedal assist will help you effortlessly pedal through the streets, so you arrive at work on time and refreshed. Still fancy a workout? Turn down the pedal assist and reap the rewards of further positive health benefits associated with cycling.


Explore new territories 

An eBike will provide you with unparalleled access to places previously considered unreachable on your regular bicycle.


Non Polluting and economical 

After the initial cost of your eBike, it will become a highly economical mode of transport. At just 5-10 pence per charge, you will no longer be burning fuel and money unlike drivers stuck in traffic. For comparison, the average petrol car costs 14 pence per mile compared to an e-bike at just 0.13 pence per mile. For shorter journeys not only will your body thank you for the fresh air, but your wallet will also.


Which E bike is for me?

There are a few things to consider when choosing an e-bike. Often the first thing to consider is the type of riding you’ll be doing. Off road, trails or the towpath? Consider wider tires with tread to improve grip on disjointed surfaces, disc brakes for ultimate stopping power and front forks with suspension to smooth out the bumps in the road. Looking to get to work or just enjoy using the cycle paths? Look for narrower tyres to increase your pedalling efficiency, a rear rack to load up your shopping or work gear and low maintenance roller brakes or hydraulic disc brakes for stress free cycling with consistent braking in all conditions.

After identifying the main type of riding you do, consider your budget. Your budget will influence the motor and battery on your e-bike. A larger initial investment may pay dividends in the long run when considering the quality of the components plus the capacity and longevity of the battery packs. Cheaper battery packs will not be able to take you as far, provide as many charge cycles and potentially suffer further in cold environments.

The motors and batteries you’ll find on eBikes at East Street Cycles come from either Bosch or Shimano. Both systems place the motor between the crank arms and batteries can be either attached to a rear rack or to the bike frame itself. According to your riding style and the riding conditions, the battery will dictate the range you can travel with the power assist activated.

The eBikes you’ll find at our stores come complete with high quality specifications and further accommodations can be made to meet your demands and budget. We can guarantee that regardless of your age, riding style and cycling needs, an e-bike will open up your world, bring you lots of fun and put a massive smile on your face!


What range can I get from an E bike battery?

There are a few variables to consider but mostly boils down to 3 main variables. The first and probably the most obvious being the power mode you use. For example, with Bosh, the Eco mode can deliver up to 130km on one charge, with the Turbo mode delivering up to 53km on a single charge.

Shimano Step has a similar range depending on the mode you use. High Mode is up to 60km, Normal Mode is up to 85km and their Eco mode delivers up to 125km

Other factors can include the weather. For example the colder it is, the more quickly the battery will drain. Also the terrain and ground you ride on. The flatter and smoother the ride, the battery will last longer, but the hillier and rougher, for example riding off road in mud, the battery will run out quicker. Bosh as a great page with more details about the range their eBike batteries can last.

The final variable is the choice of your battery size. This option is quite unique with Trek and especially with their UM1+ range, where you have a choice of 300wh, 4oowh and 500wh batteries increasing your range up to 220km on one charge.


We have a great selection of E Bikes for all types of ride available here at Hoops 

We have a large selection of E Bikes

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