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Protect your ride with @ridewrap, we are very pleased to say that we are now able to sell Ride Wrap protection for your bike. They have 3 levels of protection avaliable.

Pricing for Kit

Essential Kit = £30

Cover Kit = £55-£60

Tailored Kit = £110-£160

Tailored Kit Supplied and Fitted by RideWrap UK = £225- £300

With the Tailored kits we are lucky enough that Ride Wrap UK do a pick up and drop off service from our store. Where Ride Wrap UK will pick up your bike or Frame from our store and their expert Fitters will fit a full tailored kit, all specific to your bike and frame size at their HQ. Then they deliver the bike back full wrapped back to store within a few days. (Booking Required)

Ride Wrap sell all spare sections of the ridewrap kits if a section was to get damaged or scuffed. In addition the wrap is warranted for 10 years against yellowing and cracking.



Contact us to learn more or to get your bike booked in or to purchase a kit