About Us

It’s 2012 and Bradley Wiggins has just won the Tour De France, The London Olympics have just taken place and cycling particularly road cycling is on the up. Seemingly I can’t enter a conversation without hearing ‘how well I must be doing’ and to be honest if doing well is selling lots of product, that was happening sure. Does anyone ever go into a petrol station and say the same thing to the attendants, wow over 30 million cars on the road I bet you’re rolling in it? Anyway enter 2013 and I learn that my first shop is under threat of being demolished (a popular topic in Farnham) and we are outgrowing the East St Cycles shop. An empty pub 200m up the road is being refurbished and the plans for a new retail interior would suit a bicycle shop but although not perfect the site with a long lease would give our Company a permanent home in the Town that started it all. An idea was born and that was to open a pure road shop and make it look nice, I’d seen some photos from around the globe of some amazing bike shops and thought Farnham was ready! We opened towards the end of 2013 just after the Tour of Britain had literally rolled past our front doors and haven’t looked back. Whilst the industry is changing rapidly we are lucky to have a core of followers that trust us and I don’t know of anyone else that still works in a bike shop that was ‘bike-fitting’ in the 1980’s.

Hoops Velo Store
Hoops Velo Bike Shop, Surrey