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2022 UK Gravel Events

2022 UK Gravel Events

2022 UK Gravel Events

As 2021 comes to an end, it’s time to start thinking about what you might get up to next year. Sportives, audaxes and gran fondos are a great way to take in some new scenery and meet new people, but this time why not swap the slick tyres and tarmac for knobblies and bridleways? 

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard about gravel riding and its rise in popularity in recent times. If you’re yet to take the plunge, now is a better time than ever! To save you the hard work, we’ve picked out some of the hottest UK gravel events coming up in 2022.


Image courtesy of GB Escapades


The Glorious Gravel Series

Taking in some of the UK’s finest gravel riding landmarks, the Glorious Gravel Series offers well-organised, carefully curated and well-signed routes. Complete with feed stations and even mechanics on duty, these events are ideal for beginners and veterans alike.

Here are a couple of our favourites from the series:


Surrey Gravel Epic – 30th July 2022

For those that like hills, the Surrey Gravel Epic is a suitable challenge. Composed of 80% off-road, the 99km route packs in 1752m of climbing – but don’t let that put you off, take it at your own pace and you’re guaranteed to have a good day out! Kicking off at the foot of Leith Hill, the route takes you on a tour of the finest gravel tracks and bridleways in Surrey. As you head West, our Farnham store regulars will find familiar ground before the route peels off towards the start point.


Image courtesy of Glorious Gravel


Wessex Gravel Epic – 7th May 2022

Despite its numbers, this rolling route is relatively fast, and with two route options you can go as hard as you like! The long route takes in 105km of the Somerset & Wiltshire countryside with 1500m of climbing. Alternatively, the medium route features equally stunning views but in a more condensed 60km route with 800m of climbing.


Image courtesy of Glorious Gravel


From Sherwood to the South Downs there’s plenty to sink your teeth into. Check out their website here to see if there’s anything near you!


CX Sportive  

Having organised off-road cycling events before they were cool, this bunch of cycling enthusiasts sure know a thing or two about organising a good ride. Their events tackle some of the most challenging terrain that the UK has to offer, with events presenting routes with varying distances so that beginners can give them a go!


CX Century: The South Downs Way – 2nd July 2022

The South Downs Way is known for its unforgiving terrain, and this route is no different. The imperial century route heads 90% off-road, 100 miles (160km) long, with 3660m of climbing – it’s not one for the faint of heart! Don’t let that scare you off though, as they say: ‘what goes up must come down’, and the dreamy descents with stunning coastal views more than make up for the effort. Fully supported with feed stations and support stops, this event is one to mark on the calendar!


Image courtesy of Trail Break


Wildwood Gravel – 6th March 2022

First started in 2010, Wildwood Gravel is one of the original gravel sportives. Taking place in early March, this event is perfect for shaking off those winter blues, giving you some motivation to get out on the bike! Varied gradients and surfaces throughout the ride keep you on your toes, taking in the Chiltern Hills and Goring bridleways. Split into three routes – 40km, 60km and 80km – there’s something for everyone!


Image courtesy of Trail Break


To see what other events CX Sportive have got going on throughout the year, head over to their website here.



18th - 19th June 2022

This two day off-road epic is nothing short of spectacular, exploring the Cambrian Mountains of Mid Wales with timed stages on each of the days to add a bit of enduro fun into the mix! Fully signed with plenty of water and feed stations on each stage, the organisation of this event is impeccable. If you’re considering dipping your toes into the world of gravel, Gritfest is the place to do it.

Aside from the bike riding, there’s a whole host of things going on during the two days. From local bands to a tug of war, the campsite is a hub of fun and games, ideal if you want to leave your significant other with the kids whilst you head out on the bike!


Image courtesy of Gritfest


Visit the Gritfest website here to find out exactly what it’s all about and enter.


Great British Escapades

When it comes to epic adventures, the Great British Escapades are up there with the best. Organised by the same ultra-distance aficionados that created the infamous Great British Divide – ask our head honcho Gary about that one! – the Escapades aim to bring the joys of bikepacking to a wider demographic. It offers a bikepacking experience condensed into three days of riding rather than the two week Divide!


Image courtesy of GB Escapades


The North and South Downs Escapade – 2nd June 2022

The 480km route takes riders, as the name suggests, to the North and South Downs, filled with stunning landscapes and viewpoints. The route is no mean feat with mixed-surface riding and over 8000m of climbing, but all the effort is more than compensated for by the joy and satisfaction of the overall experience! For those looking to dive head first into something new, this could be the ticket.


Image courtesy of GB Escapades


To find out more, check out the route and sign up, head to the Great British Escapades’ website here


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